Samsung–New Galaxy Commercial with LeBron James

Samsung recently released a new commercial for their Galaxy Note II smartphone that is styled as a day in the life of LeBron James, specifically the day leading up to opening night for the Miami Heat and their championship ring ceremony. The commercial is the official debut of the partnership between LeBron and Samsung, one which LeBron reportedly initiated. I think it’s a pretty good commercial for everyone involved, most importantly Samsung, but also for LeBron and all the other people, places, products and businesses that make cameos. The commercial, made by LA’s own 72andSunny agency, already has 24 Million views and counting on YouTube. Take a look at the full version below.

The song playing in the commercial is “Keep on Pushing” by Curtis Mayfield’s group The Impressions, released in 1964. I think it’s a nice choice for the commercial, giving it a laid-back, breezy feel which mirrors LeBron’s relaxed day, but also emphasizing the ambition and dedication it has taken LeBron to get to where he is with the lyrical refrain of “I got to keep on pushing.” The song, which also provided the sample for one of my favorite beats of 2005, Bun B’s “Pushin”, has already gotten a bump on YouTube, with 130+ people liking the “LeBron’s Samsung commercial sent me here” comment.

The commercial was filmed in Miami and is a great example of the kind of commercial I love here at Advertunes, one which ends up advertising so much more than just the product for which it was made. For example, the hat LeBron is wearing throughout the spot is a new co-branded Nike x New Era fitted cap designed specially for LeBron. The shoes LeBron laces up are the latest in his signature line, the LeBron X’s. But its not just Nike and LeBron who are benefiting from the commercial’s heavy airplay. The food truck is the Miami favorite Mobile Culinary Kitchen, and the barbershop is the Escobar Barbershop in Little Havana, and both are sure to see an increase in interest or traffic. Even the kid in the video that LeBron is watching at the barbershop, And1′s newest addition Porter Mayberry, has been feeling like a celebrity from all the attention he has been receiving as a result of being featured in the commercial. One company that got iced out of the lovefest was Beats by Dr. Dre, who had their logo whited out on LeBron’s headphones at the 1:08 mark. I can only speculate on why they would have done that, but it does go to show that all the logos that did make it into the commercial did not get there by accident.

I think 72andsunny did a great job with the commercial, but I do have a question for them: At 1:20, Udonis Haslem and Mario Chalmers?? Really?? You couldn’t have come up with two other Heat players, like, say, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh? Maybe LeBron requested Mario as a favor to make up for all the times he publicly berates him on the court.