Macklemore in Dr. Pepper “/1 Anthem” Commercial

I was watching the BCS National Championship game tonight and saw a new Dr. Pepper commercial featuring the voice, but not the music, of Macklemore. The ad, produced by Deutsch, is part of Dr. Pepper’s “one of a kind” concept:

The ad first caught my attention because I am kind of obsessed with commercial voiceover actors and trying to identify them. It didn’t take more than a couple of seconds for me to pin this one as Macklemore, but I was waiting to see if he would be featured more prominently in the commercial. He does make a brief appearance on screen at 0:24, but if you’re not paying attention you’ll miss it. I think it’s an interesting approach. I like it a lot from Macklemore’s perspective–for an artist that is at risk of becoming over-saturated in the market, this is a way for him to capitalize on his success without becoming a joke. I also think it’s cool how you can really hear his flow on his voiceover, even though he isn’t rapping. But not everyone will recognize that.

On the other hand, from Dr. Pepper’s perspective, I would think I might want to get a little more bang for my buck if I was going to pay Macklemore to endorse my product, but maybe this is just a more subtle strategy, which I can respect. It looks like they also got him for some additional ads too, at least one of which features him much more prominently. I think overall though, Macklemore got the better end of this deal. For whatever it’s worth, after watching it on TV I spent five minutes googling “Macklemore Pepsi Commercial” before I realized it was for Dr. Pepper.

In case you were wondering, the song in the commercial is “Midnight Voyage” by Ghostland Observatory.